Meet Minhchies. I’ve always been a believer that laughter is the best and cheapest medicine. Growing up in a house with two little brothers, we would always be joking around and goofing off with our lame puns.

Laughter was contagious as our friends and family also joined in on the fun. One thing is for certain is that it brought smiles to everyone’s (ok almost everyone) faces. Wanting to spread the love and find a way to impact people’s lives, what other better way than creating walking billboards with t-shirts.

I know I’m no world-class standup comedian, but friends have always said I was so funny. Me, being the big foodie (particularly asian food) that I am, somehow had that “a-ha” moment while brain storming for the brand name of this T-shirt business I was aspiring for.

I’m a big fan of Japanese food and so at that time, I was thinking of miso soup (a very common traditional Japanese soup). If you start piecing the puzzle together, Miso (“Me So”) Punny (“Funny) = Me So Funny (ok not really). There you have it, MisoPunny was born.